Portable Statistica 8 | 450 Mb

STATISTICA 8 provides a selection of data analysis, data management, data mining, and data visualization procedures. Features of the software include basic and multivariate statistical analysis, quality control modules, neural networks, and a collection of data mining techniques. All of these tools are provided in an open architecture with a single software platform.

The world's most powerful Statistics software has now been made portable. Just download and start using. No need to install. Carry it in a flash drive and use on any computer, even without administrator access. All dependencies are included. No settings on the host computer are changed.

STATISTICA continues to be applied across countless industries and applications, including:

R&D, Quality Control and Process Monitoring in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and Heavy Equipment Manufacturing industries.

Warranty Analysis and Remote Monitoring applications in the Manufacturing industry.

Six Sigma Applications across all industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Business Process Analysis.

Risk Analysis, Customer Segmentation, and Credit Scoring in the Financial Services and Insurance industries.

Download all the 5 parts of the archive and extract using 7-zip.

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